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  Art Bag Class


You have heard of “Art Quilts” now how about an “Art Bag”

1st half of class is creating the outside fabric: Students will begin by getting creative with the outside of the bag.  They may use scraps from an old project or create their own design with fussy cutting or be completely original.  Teacher will give examples and help in this process.  Let’s “think outside the purse”.   Students may opt to use one of the three teacher examples, see picture above.

2nd half of class is assembling and finishing:  Students will learn how to make a bag that is not limp as a dish rag.  They will finish the bag, 

No Pre-Class Prep.   Students will supply exterior fabrics for purse, kits can be made available for interior foundations and handles.


 No Pre-Class Prep.  And finish the project in 8 hours. 



Black and White All Over Purse


Fat 1/8 yard cut of each one of 11 fabrics progressing from lightest to darkest. 


 On our purse we used the following put in order from lightest to darkest.

            Four white background with progressively more black design

            Two with equal amounts of white and black

            Five black background with progressively less white design


Light to Dark Purse

Choose 11 fabrics progressing from light to dark #1 being the lightest and #11 being the darkest

For Fabrics #2-5 and #7-10  one strip 1 ¾ ”  x 27” and one 1” x 27”

For Fabric #6 one strip 1 ¾ ” x 27”

For Fabrics #1 and #11 one strip 2 ¼” x 27” and one strip 1” x 27”


Crazy Patch Purse

   (9) different fat eighths or (9) different 9”x12” pieces of fabric


Original Design

Bring whatever fabrics you need.


For ALL designs:

3/4 yard fabric for lining and pockets.

1/8 yard fabric for handle  OR 1 ½ yards belting

½ yard muslin

(2) pieces of plastic 2 ½” x 12” for side stiffening (1) piece plastic 3” x 11” for bottom

1 ½  yard 3/4” cording for an 24” handle. (Note buy twice the length of the desired handle.)

               OR substitute a decorative drapery tieback for handle

Medium toothed 14” or longer plastic zipper.

½ yard fusible interfacing (optional)

¼ yard fusible web (Steam-a-Seam)