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Micro-fleece not just for garments anymore!

For a super soft comfy quilt try micro-fleece for the backing.  Here are some tips and tricks for making this a seamless project.  Micro-fleece I mean the very thin stretch fleece.  This is hard to find in anything other than white. That is why we sell it on our website just for our Figure Flattering customers. There are two uses for micro-fleece.
1.  On a jacket, this wonderful foundation base is light weight and stretchs.  I love it for that reason.  Used in a garment you get the soft feel of a sweater along with the colors and patterns of quiltwear.  The trick here is DO NOT IRON.  After appying fabrics either finger press or iron press being carefull not to stretch the fabric.  This fabric has a memory and if stretched will go back to it original shape after washing if not sooner.
2.  Use as a backing for a quilt.  I love this on baby quilts.  Here is how to do it now listen carefully.  When sandwiching the quilt do it in reverse. 
        a. Lay the quilt top right side down on a table first and tape it down to secure.
        b. Second lay a very thin loft batting down next.
        c. Last lay the micro-fleece right side up on top.  It helps to get a friend to help you with this.  DO NOT stretch the fleece.  If you each hold two corners, gently lowering the fleece onto the batting, again be careful not to stetch the micro-fleece.
        d. I suggest using a basting spray like '505' to secure the layers. 
Peal micro-fleece and batting back half way off the quilt top and spray a light mist of '505' to the back of the quilt top. Lay batting and micro-fleece back down and pat down by hand.  Then peal back the other half and repeat.  Last gently lift off micro-fleece, spray a mist of '505' to the batting then with your friends help gently lay the micro-fleece back down onto the batting.  Pat down by hand.  Everything should be smooth and stuck together.  This helps enormously when quilting to eliminate any shifting of layers.
        e.Micro-fleece side up, anchor with staight pins about every 8".
        f. Flip everything over so that the quilt top is now on top. Safety pin about every 8".  Flip quilt back over again and remove straight pins.
        g. With quilt top up and micro-fleece down anchor quilt first. i.e. down center and across to break quilt into sections. Be sure to check stitch tension. If the quilt is puckering up your machine tension is too tight.
        h. Now you are ready to stitch your favorite free-motion designs with no worry.

I have done this on quilts as large as 60" x 85" with no problem.  The end result is a soft comfy quilt that anyone would love to use.  Add a poly satin binding and you are finished.