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Student Gallery
Figure Flattering jackets that students have completed some in my classes, some at home. 

I hope these inspire you with creative ideas for your own figure flattering quiltwear.

Here is another idea for the slant bargello design this one using the "Victorian" jacket pattern.  12 fabrics blending 2 color waves.  You can make a whole wardrobe from one design as color combinations are infinite. Thanks Hilary for the inspiration.

Another example of "Midnight Glacier" in the Blue color wave.  This just goes to show you that you too can make any of my designs exactly like the picture.  You just have to search your stash and the quilt shops for just the perfect fabrics.  You will be glad you took the time to carefully select your fabrics
Great job Linda

Here we have Gail in her version of  "Midnight Glacier".  For all you ladies that ask can I put a zipper up the front, the answer is yes.   Front closures are as individual as you are.  She also added a pointed collar.  Our Peter Pan design has a rounded collar with buttons for bit of variety.
  So be individual and do what you like after all in the end this is your design.  Great job Gail!

Here we have Joanne with a black and white version of the "Purple Garden" design.  She did a great job of adding interest with the narrow strips in opposing color.  This breaks up the white portions of the design and adds a ton or interest to this already beautiful jacket.  Black and Whites are one of my personal all time favorites. 
Great job Joanne.

Becky started this one in one of my classes.  A lover of bright colors she put together a festive and fun look.  I do preach to choose fabrics in the same style and color values.  i.e. batiks, orientals, civil war etc. then choose darks, mediums or lights, brights or pastels.  Becky followed that rule with bright batiks for this jacket.  Who wouldn't feel bright and cheerful in this.  Great job Becky!


This is Amy in Iowa,  she made her version of the Black and White all over in Blues. 
I love it, makes me want to go to the beach.  She also made a great use of her scrap on a beautiful tote.


Oriental Delight done in shades of purple and lavender.  This lady says she is not a seamstress, I beg to differ. 
This is beautiful and looks great on her.


This one is a slight variation on the Black and White All Over  Sharon calls this her Christmas jacket because she used a red and white poinsettia fabric between the lights and the darks.  I absolutely LOVE this.  You may also try  the 'Watercolor' technique for a springtime look to die for.

These next three jackets are made from the Purple Garden design pattern. Wonderful examples of design originality and great use of color.  See more examples of the Purple Garden as you scroll down this page.



I did this one.  It is the Red and White Version of the 'Black and White All Over' Jacket Pattern.  I call it 'Peppermint'  Cool and Refreshing!


Joyce did this beautiful Batik Blues jacket in a class with Quilter's of SC 2010
She liked the class so much she took another one in 2011 making the gorgeous 'Midnight Glacier' design below with matching purse.  Great work Joyce!

Two students versions of the Black & White All Over Jacket, one a prize winner. Way to Go Ladies?!

Batik Blues Jacket done with lots of 1 1/2" squares, gives an attactive polka dot look.

Midnight Glacier done with Black on Black tonals  and peach accents.

Created in a Batik Blues Class: Busy Bees Fountian Inn, SC and the Quilters of SC Fall Retreat.
Way to go "Wild Women"!


Yeah! It's Finished! This gorgeous jacket was done in a Traditional 7 fabric slant bargello class. 
Done with the Midnight Glacier pattern.

These next four jackets were in a class for the Purple Garden Jacket.  This just goes to show that the possiblities for one design are endless.  The only limit is your imagination.
Here are my Aunts ages 90 & 92.  You are never too old to wear something beautiful.  Here they are in the Batik Blues Jacket.

 Batik Blues done in Red & Pinks---------------- Batik Blues done in Black, White &Pinks

These next four jackets were in a class for the Purple Garden Jacket.  This just goes to show that the possiblities for one design are endless.  The only limit is your imagination. 


  Black and White All Over done in everything  but black and white
  Purple Garden in greens.
  Purple Garden done in batik multis