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Figure Flattering Quiltwear’s Yo-Yo Vest FREE PATTERN!!
Check out this cute and comfortable yo-yo vest.
Who doesn't have a pile of batik scraps to make good use of.


Clover Yo-Yo maker (for a size small jacket 1” (500 yo-yos), 1 ½” (220) or 2” (125))
Lots of fabric straps
2-3 yards of light weight tear-away stabilizer
Hand needle
Vest pattern

  1. First make a pile of yo-yos per instructions
  2. Trace your front and back vest pattern onto a large sheet of paper or tissue, so that it is one solid pattern piece. i.e. straight side and center back. Note: match up seam lines.
  3. Lay yo-yos out in a grid pattern of columns and rows to cover the vest pattern as closely as possible. Note: it is helpful to make the underarms deeper than the pattern. See photo below.  We choose to do a V-neckline also.
  4. Sew yo-yos together. You may do this by hand if you have the patience of JOB. If not sew them together by machine, here is how.


Sew vertical columns together first.

  1. Cut a bunch of 1” strips out of light weight tear-away stabilizer. It MUST be tear-away.
  2. Lay the yo-yos from the first column on the stabilizer in the order you want them.
  3. Set machine for a wide ‘satin zig zag stitch’
  4. Yo-yos face up make about 10-12 stitches sewing each yo-yo to the next (butting edges together) till the whole strip is sewn
  5. Tear away stabilizer
  6. Move all threads to the back of the yo-yos.
  7. Place the yo-yo strip back onto vest pattern and do the next column.
  8. Repeat till all columns are sewn into yo-yo strips


Sew yo-yo strips together going across vest in rows starting at the hem.

  1. Again use strips of tear away stabilizer under all yo-yos in the row
  2. HERE IS WHERE IT GETS TRICKY. All threads must be kept to the back side of the yo-yos as you sew across the row.
  3. Sewing from left to right, sew the first yo-yo strip to the second strip starting at hem.
  4. Pull the second strip from the top toward you out of the way of the needle. Then pull the stabilizer strip to the left. This should position the top thread to the back of the yo-yo. The bobbin thread remains on the underside of the stabilizer. Now that yo-yo strip #2 is to the left of the needle. Flip the second strip back away from you so that it now lays back flat between the first and third yo-yo strips. Position the presser foot on the second and third yo-yo and take 10-12 stitches. Repeat step 2 all the way across. See center photo above, this is of the underside of the yo yo's. When finished you may either remove the tear-away stabilizer as you go OR remove it all at once after the entire vest is assembled.
  5. Lastly stitch yo-yos at shoulder seams together.