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How FFQ Works 

A good fit is essential to making a figure flattering garment.  So Joan has developed five types of quilted jacket patterns. These patterns are specifically intended to be used for quiltwear, and are designed with only a few seams making the quilt design process easier.  Each design pattern comes with a jacket pattern included. However, if you have fitting problems or are a full figured woman, we suggest you try the Jacket Fitting Class in a Bag. This pattern is intended to help you get the best fit possible for your figure.   It can be used with ANY quiltwear design pattern you choose, be it one of ours or something else.  It is well worth the time to get a perfect fit.  Jacket Fitting Class in a Bag can also be used by teachers for quiltwear classes. 

Need more information about jacket styles?

is a new pattern specifically drawn for the very slender or petite figures. This pattern is based on our original princess style.  It has no darts and is tapered at the waist on the sides and center back.  Upper arms are slim.  Fits Bust sizes 32"-44". This one is great on very slender or petite figures.  Note: this is the designer's version of princess style for quiltwear, not to be confused with a traditional princess style jacket.

Revised Regular/Average Fit  has an average upper arm, and a curved center back seam.  Side and back seams taper at the waist for an attractive look.  Fits Bust sizes 34" - 46", with cup sizes A, B or C.  This one is good for a balanced figure, top and bottom.  It has a more feminine silhouette than the old box style jacket and is designed with more comfort built in the upper arms and across the back.

Full/Large Bust is a darted pattern.  It is specifically designed for those larger breasted women.  Designed for D cup or larger, this is no problem here. The side and center back seams are tapered in at the waist.  And the upper arms are a bit roomier than the regular fit.  Fits Bust sizes 34" - 50".
  A curvy attractive fit for most large breasted ladies.

Plus Size/1X-4X
bust sizes 47"-57" has been discontinued.  We suggest a simple 3 piece jacket pattern from Kwik sew or equivalent.

What about apple shaped figures?  If you are an apple shaped figure with bust and hips balanced, but are larger in the waistline which pattern is for you?  If your bust is 46" or smaller choose the Regular Fit.  If your bust is greater than 46" choose the Plus Size.  Measure your bust at the largest part, then also measure your waist  use whichever measurement is larger as your size.

What if the design I want does not come in my size?  The patterns can be used on any design.   All collarless patterns are available in 3 body types.  If you choose a collared pattern that is not available in your body type, use a pattern that fits you and adapt the collar as needed.  There are instructions on how to do this click here NEW!  Adapting collars to your custom fit jacket pattern.

What is the Jacket Fitting Class in a Bag?With the Jacket Fitting Class in a Bag, you will go through the process of making a custom fit muslin sloper. This is specifically intended for the novice garment sewer.  If you need help doing alterations and fitting yourself, this pattern can help.  It walks you through the process of fitting yourself with lots of illustrations for commonly needed alterations.  A new easier to use revision is now available with more illustrations and detailed instructions.

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