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Pattern Alteration a Valuable Skill

Why bother learning to alter patterns? While functionality should be the main purpose of clothing, unfortunately vanity sizing makes it next to impossible to find apparel that fits you just right. Even when you make your own clothes, finding a pattern that offers a perfect fit often yields disappointing results.

By learning to alter patterns, you can make several different variations of the same basic pattern, increasing variety and style. Why settle for one neckline or sleeve style when you can create nine or ten? You increase your skills, creativity and style when you learn how to alter patterns. You’ll save money, increase your wardrobe and develop well proportioned clothing with this valuable skill.

  How do you learn the basic alteration skills you need?
  • First consider taking classes at your local fabric or sewing store where professional sewers are your qualified teachers.
  • Check out your local T.V. Stations for sewing programs.
  • Consult the Internet for educational information and videos as well as online tutorials.
  • Buy instructional books and DVDs online or at the bookstore.
  • Find a friend or family member who can be your sewing mentor. Nothing’s better than one-on-one instruction from an experienced sewer!
  • Consult online forums to garner valuable information from other sewers. The Internet provides a valuable service by connecting sewers, crafters and quilters worldwide, allowing them to gather valuable tips and techniques from each other and develop a sense of community and friendship.
  • If these options do not suit, try our Jacket Fitting Class In a Bag
    This product is intended to walk you through the fitting process one step at a time.  If you need help with fitting yourself this may be just the thing for you to get that perfect custom fit.
From changing a jacket pattern into a coat pattern or learning how to alter necklines, waistlines and sleeve types, investing the time and money to learn the valuable skill of altering patterns increases your creativity as well as style and fit options. There won’t be anything you can’t do!

Figure Flattering Quiltwear teaches comprehensive pattern alteration techniques. Try our
Jacket Fitting Class In a Bag  or Jacket Fitting Workshop and craft a perfectly fitted muslin jacket.  This can be used as a foundation base for one of our jacket designs or a jacket of your own design!  Good Luck and Happy Quilting!