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Sewing Your Own Clothing for Custom Fit

Unlike the generations that have come before us we live in a time when inexpensive clothing is easy to find. While a shopping trip for something ready-made is quick and easy there are still many great reasons to spend the time creating your own clothing.

For example, have you ever walked in to work or a party and found out you were wearing the same thing as three other people? You could pay a fashion designer thousands of dollars per article of clothing for something unique. The best way, though, is sewing your own clothing. The odds of walking through a door and finding that someone has chosen the same fabric,
pattern, and trims are extremely low.

Finding premade clothing that fits can be difficult if you do not fit standard measurements. A tall woman may have difficulty finding clothing long enough. Clothing manufacturers often assume that short women cannot possess a full bust and hips. The waistline in fitted clothing may not land where your waist actually sits. Sewing clothing yourself allows you to adjust it to fit your figure perfectly.

Clothing is an extension of your personality. Sewing your own gives you a creative outlet to express yourself. Your unique combinations of color, fabric, and pattern say something about who you are. You may prefer elegant, or quirky, or elegant with quirky accents. You can create any look you want when you do the sewing yourself.

Creating your own clothing is a creative and practical way of owning exactly what you want. A class from Figure Flattering Quiltwear will teach you how to adjust patterns to fit, find the right color combinations, and give you ideas for new fashions.  Try our
Jacket Fitting Class In a Bag  or Jacket Fitting Workshop and craft a perfectly fitted muslin jacket that can be used as a foundation base for another class or a jacket of your own design!