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Quilted Sweatshirt Jackets

“You can always tell a quilter by the threads she wears.”

There’s a saying that goes something like this, “Quilts are like good friends, they’re a great source of comfort and warmth.” Indeed, there’s something equally comforting about old patchwork quilts and cozy sweatshirts, don’t you think? It only makes sense to combine the two feel-good items into one glorious, cuddly quilted masterpiece. The great thing is, you can design your own sweatshirt jacket by altering a pattern, and  there are certainly some good patterns available.

In the early American quilting culture, pieces of material from wedding gowns, a child's baptismal garment or other meaningful swatches of fabric commonly became part of a patchwork pattern quilt, making it very personal and meaningful work of art.

Similarly, when you make a quilted sweatshirt jacket, combining fabric colors and patterns that reflect your personal style, you will end up with a creation that’s uniquely you. That’s why these jackets make such great gifts. You simply personalize them according to individual interests and add the necessary embellishments. Using holiday fabrics and
patterns you can make a sweatshirt jacket for every season!

In addition to being very personal, quilted sweatshirt jackets are relatively inexpensive. As retailers make way for spring and summer fashions, sweatshirts are typically discounted to a handful of dollars. And what quilter doesn’t already have a million pieces of fabric lying around that could be put to good use?

There are a dozen and one ways to de-construct sweatshirts and layer them with beautiful fabrics for chic, sophisticated piecework fashions that are as decorative as they are functional. So, to paraphrase a quote found on quilting, when life hands you scraps, you might as well make a quilted sweatshirt jacket!